Project Management

T HawkOSEC has extensive experience in the management of projects often of a complex nature. Our Project Team can co-ordinate very complex projects and are able to take responsibility for teams of design, technology and manufacturing tasks in order to produce complete deliverables.

Our team can also provide expert support to complement our clients’ project teams. This includes project management, task management, planning support and risk management.

Delivery of projects on-time, to budget and within specification is the cornerstone of successful contracting within the UK and international defence market place, OSEC has direct experience in applying its capabilities in either leading or supporting the execution of highly complex development and manufacturing programmes.

The procedures and processes used on a project will be based on the OSEC Quality Management System (QMS) which will be tailored, where necessary, to suit the specific requirements of any project. Processes and procedures from the client will also be incorporated into the preparation of any overall Programme Management System. This will be achieved by the preparation of ‘Project Procedures’ and ‘Work Methods’, which will ensure a consistent, quality approach to any project.

The standard project controls procedures, on which project procedures are based, are listed below:

  • Preparation of Capital Cost Estimates
  • Project Controls Input to Project Execution Plan
  • Develop Work Breakdown Structure
  • Develop Control Budget
  • Prepare Plans and Schedules
  • Risk Management
  • Manage Contingency
  • Update Schedules with Actual Progress
  • Manage the Cost Plan
  • Control Project Change
  • Prepare Trends, Analysis & Forecasts

Project Risk Management

When working with our customer’s, our team can draw on its extensive experience of providing design, development, validation, manufacture and support services. Working alongside our customers this will provide a wide range of subject matter expertise and ‘real life’ experience to address risk management requirements.

The purpose of risk management for any programme is to provide assurance that the commercial, technical, cost and time risks associated with the design, development, validation, manufacture, supply and on-going support services have been identified for action. This is achieved by including Risk Management as an integral part of the Project Management program.

The general approach begins with the identification of potential risks to the project or to an individual task. Risks will be identified at two levels: those associated with the overall project which is not attributable to any particular task and those pertaining to an individual (e.g. design/development) task. In the case of the latter, although the risks might be as a consequence of executing a specific task, the impact is not necessarily limited to that task, as there may be an effect on the overall program, which may necessitate an amendment to the risk register.

Our company takes Risk Management extremely seriously. We firmly believe disciplined Risk Management is key to successful projects.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering V-diagramOur project team are fully conversant with a systems engineering approach to projects. Our team can structure effort from concept to production to ensure that the end product meets the customer’s needs.

Our system engineers can ensure that the project requirements are developed to deliver exactly what the user needs and that a suitable test and evaluation programme assures the project deliverables.

Our team take a holistic approach to system engineering. Early analysis of customer needs and required functionality is imperative to ensure that the desired project outcomes are achieved.


Our team can provide input to support requirement documentation ensuring it sets out the principles of how the requirements and acceptance activities are going to be completed. Our project staff will identify the requirements along with the user, assist in prioritisation of requirements and also ensure the measure of effectiveness(MoEs) and Measure of Performance (MoPs) reflect capability needs and planning assumptions. Our team will assist in defining the acceptance criteria and what contractual mechanisms will be used ensuring the pass/fail.

Contract Bid Support

Preparing tenders can help you to win big orders but it can be time-consuming, cost money and tie up valuable resources. If you don’t get the contract, the money and time spent is usually lost. Our project team can provide the expertise to support your tender submission to ensure you have a competitive tender document.

Our staff will undertake an information gathering exercise to understand your business and the tender requirements. OSEC can produce the whole document or provide assistance in specialist areas to assist you in your submission. With this flexible approach, we can through strategic planning, competitor analysis, stakeholder management through to hands-on preparation and delivery of the proposal give you the winning formula.

OSEC have experience in winning tenders for clients in both commercial and military contract bid support in excess of £4 Million.

Project Facilities and Support

Our company is ideally situated close to the M4 and M5 and can host meetings with the ability to accommodate conferencing for up to 18 people with state of the art facilities to ensure it meets all our clients’ needs.

OSEC can provide support and representation for off-site meetings.


OSEC can assist you in training at various levels. We have the capability to provide on-site training to technical and non-technical staff at all levels as required. We have experience at delivering commercial courses and also more specialist military courses.

Our team will assist in developing training courses or if required design courses to suit your needs ensuring the optimal delivery method is chosen.

We specialise in delivering one off training packages for unique equipment’s, we can deliver these courses on-site or anywhere in the world including hostile environments.

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