Through Life Support

Through Life Support diagram (circle)Our team can deliver Through Life Support to programmes for all aspects of logistic and engineering effort.  We can provide a one stop shop for all support activities.

We understand the support requirements; our engineers have extensive experience on a wide range of commercial and military programmes.

Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

ILS is a key function throughout the life cycle of a project. The ILS process is widely used on both commercial and military programmes.  The MOD adopted the ILS concept in 1990’s. The application of ILS is now mandated through the Support Solutions Envelope (SSE) for all MOD equipment projects. Our team can produce a SSE compliant project support solution that will ensure that the equipment is fully supported through life. The MOD outlines the importance of ILS stating:

“Integrated logistic support (ILS) provides the disciplines for ensuring that supportability and cost factors are identified and considered during the design stage of an equipment so that they may influence the design, with the aim of optimising the Whole Life Cost (WLC). Def Stan 00-60 defines the Ministry of Defence (MOD) requirements for the application of ILS principles for through life management of equipment. It is intended to be used, whenever relevant, in all future designs, contracts, orders etc and whenever practicable by amendment to those already in existence.”

Post Design Services (PDS)

These services are formally contracted for during the In-Service phase of the equipment life cycle. PDS can comprise of a plethora of activities designed to maintain the equipment’s capability through the In-Service phase. Examples of PDS activities are:

  • Configuration Management
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Technical reporting
  • Function and Design reporting
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Modification Implementation
  • Design/Prototype testing
  • New Component Design and Testing
  • Technical Documentation
  • Onsite Training

OSEC has the capability to deploy a team of specialists to carry out or support all PDS activities. Our team has worked with various organisations providing a flexible portfolio of services that supports the equipment’s life expectancy. Our team can also advise on replacement buys and mid life improvements.

Contractor Logistic Support (CLS)

CLS is the outsourcing of support activities. The MOD describes the CLS function as:

“CLS is defined as the methodology by which responsibility for provision of an agreed level of support is transferred to an industry provider.  CLS can cover a wide spectrum of industry involvement ranging from minimal transferral under traditional product based support solutions to maximum transfer of responsibility to a Contractor”

OSEC can provide a full range of CLS activities that are seamless to the end user and can be fully integrated into the customer’s existing support solution. CLS support solutions are wide ranging and must be tailored to meet the requirements. The spectrum of support ranges from traditional support whereby the logistic effort is carried out by the customer to a Contracting for Capability (CfC) which relies on the contractor performing the support activities. The full spectrum of activities are illustrated in the Support Options Matrix (SOM). Our engineers working with the customer can design the SOM to achieve the balance of support required that is also SSE compliant.

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